What Are Different Types Of The Differential Pressure Gauge?

Differential pressure is one of the very important element and measurement of any kind of the system. Certain procedures are controlled with the right measurement of the pressure. Although there are different instruments for the measurement of the pressure but for the systems where the difference of the pressure needs to be determined, the differential pressure gauge is one of the effective instrument of all. It has different types and each one of these is suitable for certain systems and conditions. These differ in the size, configurations, and designs. Some of these are discussed below:

Piston differential pressure gauge:

This kind of the gas pressure gauges has a very long span of the life. These are designed to work well with the systems where the differential pressure of the liquids or the gases needs to be determined and these offer usually low ranges of the differential pressure and are appropriate to work with the static pressures. Some types of this also come with a diaphragm which could be used to determine the level of the liquids and also the flow of the liquid. Although various manufacturing companies have their own warranty period for this but the average period of warranty is 7 years long.

Differential pressure gauge with dual diaphragm:

As the name represent, this is best suited for the application where two diaphragms are needed. Such systems require high pressure ranges and therefore this type of the differential pressure gauge is defined to work on such high ranges. This instrument is designed to by considering all the safety aspects and the case has pressurized components installed in it so that maximum safety could be ensured. The material that is used in the design of this type of the differential pressure gauge is the stainless steel and the pressure range is about 3600 psi. Visit https://www.floydinstruments.com.au/refrigeration.html for refrigeration gauges.

Welded differential pressure gauge:

The third type of the differential pressure gauge is also made from the stainless steel but it is completely welded and it is designed to work in the conditions where there is more moisture and therefore, is a risk of corrosion and also in the conditions where the pressure of the ambiance related elements need to be determined.


Although all these three types of the differential pressure gauge offer increased efficiency and speed up the procedures in many systems. It is recommended that you should have the right type of the differential pressure gauge for your system to introduce maximum productivity. For this, you should first define and determine which kind of the system you have and then you should buy the kind of the differential pressure gauge according to it.